Knowing the garage door repair cost that you’re facing can help you budget better and underline what needs repairing now, avoiding more pricey repairs or replacements later. Excluding any kind of accident or intentional damage, even the best garage doors need a repair or fix up here and there. Depending on the scale of the damage, the size of your garage doors, the material, or the issue, the repair costs can range a great deal.

Some homeowners attempt the DIY road to repairing garage doors and save themselves the cost, but this can lead to further damage if it’s a more complex repair or you’re unsure of how to fix the problem. Another reason you shouldn’t attempt a repair yourself is that you may not know what other issues are hiding in the garage doors. A professional would take the opportunity to look around and make sure no other repairs are needed, even if just to inform you of a looming issue that needs to be handled soon.

With that said, let’s discuss how much it costs to repair a garage door.

What Needs Repairing?

The largest factor in determining garage door repair cost is what needs fixing. There are several parts of a garage door, especially an automatic one, that can be in need of repairs:

Garage door springs

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs help lighten the weight of the door, which means they carry a lot of tension and can be dangerous to repair or replace yourself.

Broken cable repair

Broken Cable Repair

Wear and tear take its toll on even the best-made materials, as is the case with garage door cables. Eventually, they may fray or snap, which leads to your door no longer lifting.
Track Repair

Track Repair

A garage door track sees a lot of use, so it’ll likely the parts will wear down or break on occasion. Any bent or worn-out part of the garage door track must be repaired immediately.
Noisy Door Repair

Noisy Door Repair

A noisy garage door isn’t something a homeowner just needs to deal with, it usually means something needs repairing.
Misaligned Garage Door Sensor Repair

Misaligned Garage Door Sensor Repair

A garage door opener is about convenience and if the sensor is misaligned it defeats the purpose. While it isn’t an immediate repair need, it’ll certainly get your garage door running the way it should when it gets fixed.

As you can see, determining garage door repair costs isn’t as simple as a single average price. Depending on what is wrong with your garage door, how much damage there is, and if any replacement needs to be done, will all affect the costs.

What is the Garage Door Material?

Another aspect of garage door repair cost is the material your door is made of. While the section above discussed the various parts of a garage door that may need repairing or replacing, this section will focus more on the door itself. If your garage door is damaged, what it is made out of will affect the cost whether it’s a damaged panel, a dent, or a cracked or broken window:

  • Wood is the most expensive garage door material to repair, that isn’t including repainting the replaced or repaired section. While wood is pricey, it also depends on the type of wood used to build your garage door.
  • Aluminum garage doors are less expensive than wood, but still a pretty penny. The plus to having these kinds of garage doors is cutting rust repairs, as aluminum doors are rust-resistant and resistant to damage from humidity.
  • Fiberglass garage doors are cheaper to repair and often don’t need repairing unless damaged by something. They’re resistant to hot and cold extremes, durable, and are split resistant.
  • The cheapest garage doors to repair are steel doors. They are also the strongest material, but the downside is that rust damage is a possibility and that would need repairing if not dealt with soon enough.

When it comes to repairing a garage door itself, instead of some of the parts that make it function, the greatest factor is the material needed to fix the door or for replacing it.

Replacing Your Garage Door

As said above, one of the reasons the material of your garage door matters is in case the damage is so far gone you may need a part of it to replace. If it ends being that the whole garage door needs replacing, that’s an opportunity to think long-term and factor in repair costs when choosing your new doors. The materials above are listed in the order of repairing costs, but that doesn’t always translate to having a garage door replaced.

The style you like, the type of wood, whether it has windows or not, these all factor into the price of a garage door replacement. If you’re discussing this situation with a professional hired to repair your garage doors, it’s a good time to pick their brain on the best selection for your needs and budget.

Garage Door Repair in Wisconsin

Lifetime Door Company has been serving southern Wisconsin for over 55-years, repairing and installing both commercial and residential garage doors since 1964. We maintain a wide variety of HAAS garage doors to better accommodate our customers and minimize waiting time or out-of-stock situations.

Whether you need your garage door repaired or replaced, no matter the part, you can expect honest and up-front pricing without an upsell following it. Being family-owned, we understand budgets and home safety, which means we always deliver high-quality parts and take pride in what we can do for the Wisconsin homeowner, and their families.

If you’re looking for more information on garage door repair, we recommend exploring here:

Southeast Wisconsin Garage Door Repair- Free Estimate, Honest Price

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