A garage door opener provides more than the convenience of not getting out of the car to open the garage door – it also increases the safety and security of your home by ensuring only the right people have access to your home.

Before heading off to install one yourself or opting for a garage door opener professional installation, it’s good to understand prices and costs so you can choose the right opener for you and your budget.

Below you’ll find various factors associated with installation costs that can guide you through a garage door opener installation.

Installation Cost Factors

Like any other kind of installation, there are numerous factors to include that will determine final prices. While some of these factors are specific to hiring someone, it’s good to be prepared for any cost associated with installation.

Type of Garage Door Opener

There are several types of garage door openers you can choose from:

  • Chain
  • Screw
  • Belt
  • Direct-drive

Each of these options has its own advantages. For example, the chain-driven garage door opener is good for detached garages, is less expensive, but also much noisier. If noise is an issue for you or the garage is connected to the home, you’ll want to look at other options. When looking for what garage door opener is best for your home, it’s as much about your garage as it is about your preferences.


There are many manufacturers who are known for their garage door opener being top quality. Once you know what kind of opener you want, it’s good to look at the different features various brands offer and see how it fits into your budget. Don’t neglect to look at a garage door opener horsepower, as that is the lifting capacity of the motor, and is very important if you have a heavier or larger garage door. A general rule of thumb for garage door opener brands is the more horsepower it has, the more it costs.

Professional Installation

If you hire someone to install your garage door opener, you can expect to tack on an hourly rate to your cost. Some companies offer installation along with the garage door opener yourself, and while the extra costs can be off-putting, having a professional do it for you can save you money by avoiding installation mistakes.

Garage Door Opener Types

In the previous section, several garage door opener types were listed. To better help you determine which one to install, here is a more detailed list description of each type so you can make an informed decision.

chain drive garage door opener

Chain DRIVE Garage Door Opener

The chain opener is very basic, where a metal chain pushes or pulls the door along tracks to open and close it. There are many moving parts, which means more maintenance for the homeowner, and is the noisiest kind of opener. Not a great option if your garage is attached to the home. The benefits of a chain garage door opener are that it’s low-cost, very strong, durable, and is consistent if maintained well.

screw drive garage door opener

Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener

While this kind has fallen out of popularity, LiftMaster does sell replacement parts for this type of opener. This type of garage door opener uses a threaded metal screw rod that rotates to open and close the door, which requires little moving parts and therein doesn’t need much maintenance outside of lubrication.

belt drive garage door opener

Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener

This opener uses a rubber belt that is reinforced with steel to open and close the garage door and is one of the most popular options due to it being so quiet. Another reason for it being a common choice for homeowners is that it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and can include many features, like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. The downside is that this kind of opener doesn’t do well in high temperatures or in areas with a lot of humidity, also the belt drive can wear out more quickly than a chain opener.

smart garage door opener

SMART Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers offer homeowners the ability to open or close their garage from any location with just their smartphone and LiftMaster’s myQ app. The openers also include security measures such as secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages delivered to the household when the homeowner is not home. This feature uses a technology called Key by Amazon to allow for this feature which varies by location.

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers provide extra safety and security for the homeowner, no matter the kind you’re looking at for your budget. Beyond choosing the kind of opener you want, another important decision to make is who will perform the installation. While it may be tempting to do it yourself or look up DIY tactics, a professional installation is more than worth the cost. Professional garage door opener installations require electrical, mechanical, and carpentry knowledge along with skills that the average person doesn’t often have.

Also, having a professional install your garage door opener means you’ll have the extra safety and security the openers provide as it was installed properly. Lifetime Door Company has been serving southern Wisconsin for over 55-years, repairing and installing both commercial and residential garage doors since 1964.

We maintain a wide variety of HAAS garage doors to better accommodate our customers and minimize waiting time or out-of-stock situations. You can expect honest and up-front pricing without an up-sell following it when we install your garage door opener. Being family-owned, we understand budgets and home safety, which means we always deliver high-quality parts and take pride in what we can do for the Wisconsin homeowner, and their families.

If you’re looking for more information on garage door opener installations, we recommend exploring our garage door service page.

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